TraceDonate - peer-to-peer donation by blockchain

In 2016, international humanitarian funding required over $20.5 billion, but funding levels achieved fell short by 40 per cent.

The problem

Whilst the size of charitable giving reached US$390 billion in 2016, trust and engagement has reached an all-time low. Many are sceptical because there appears to be little tangible impact. It is nearly impossible for regular donors to gain transparency around the distribution of charity and what effect it is having on improving lives. Unfortunately, this lack of trust affects end-beneficiaries the most, who are also most in need of support.

The solution

A groundbreaking consumer, mobile application, TraceDonate, is AID:Tech’s latest and most revolutionary offering. The application launches in the summer of 2018.

TraceDonate enables retail and institutional donors to make donations to groups, appeals or individuals (peer-to-peer). Leveraging blockchain technology the platform enables effective donor engagement in the form of real-time notifications and personalised donation history.  

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