Meet our team

CEO | Co-Founder

Joseph Thompson

Joseph combines a background in management consultancy with considerable expertise in strategic IT management in the banking and telecommunications sectors.He holds a BSc in Software Systems and four MScs, including an MBA from Manchester Business School. Before AID: Tech, he held several senior positions at Bearing Point, Ericsson, The Litmus Group and AIB. In 2014, he founded Prezi, Ireland’s first Prezi design company with other AID: Tech co-founder, Niall Dennehy. Joseph was named the world’s first Sustainable Development Goals Pioneer for blockchain technology by the United Nations in 2017.

COO | Co-Founder

Niall Dennehy

Niall has a background in software design and development. He has led the design and development of numerous award-winning apps and platforms, including an application for K-12 students in the US, used by over a million students. Before founding his own companies, Niall worked in over 40 countries and oversaw the growth of 3 products for a leading Irish bank. Before AID:Tech, Niall co-founded Ireland’s first dedicated Prezi training and design company, Prezi. Today, he combines his unique skillsets in design and development with proven business acumen to make AID:Tech’s solutions the world’s best. Niall is an avid endurance athlete – completed numerous marathons, ultra-marathons and Iron Man triathlons.


Ben Cessa

Ben’s main areas of expertise include distributed systems architecture, software development, interface design and user experience. Before AID:Tech, he worked as Lead Technical Architect at the Fiscal Management and Municipalities division at the Inter-American Development Bank and as a Senior Technical consultant for the World Bank’s Domestic Resource Mobilization group. Ben also co-authored the Inter-American Development Bank digital agendas to modernise governments in Latin America Caribbean region. He has previously led innovation projects for the President’s office in Mexico and implemented projects related to Distributed Ledger Technology, Open Data and Digital Government.


Alejandro (Sasha) Vicente Grabovetsky

Trained as a cognitive neuroscientist, Sasha received his BA and PhD from Cambridge. He has also worked at the best laboratories in Europe. His unique academic background has enabled him to develop the blockchain and cognitive computing architecture at AID:Tech. Here he has also created numerous global, open-source libraries for Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) – currently deployed in production environments. Prior to AID:Tech Sasha co-founded Avalon AI, using deep learning-based computer-aided diagnostics tools to facilitate the detection of brain degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. For which he participated in Entrepreneur First and Techstars. In 2018, Sasha was a featured speaker at the Hyperledger Global Forum in Basel, Switzerland.

Director of Operations

Grace Ma

Grace has worked in the cryptocurrency and crowdfunding industries alongside early-stage startups, prior to joining AID:Tech. Highly disciplined and organised, she carries her skillset over to AID:Tech at this highly pivotal juncture.


Nicola Paoli

A full-stack developer, Nicola is working on a series of projects in education, open-data and enterprise applications. His passion in tech and innovation has also brought him to focus on distributed applications and Hyperledger implementations.


Tom Kostus

Tom is a full stack developer with keen interest in all things Front End. Strongly focused on lean practices to achieve maximum impact with minimum effort, he has vast experience in delivering software solutions for wide array of industries, including investment banking, insurance and automotive.

Front End Developer

Herman Schmidt

An experienced front end developer, Herman has also previously worked as a designer and flash animator. Herman first began his developer career in an Argentinian startup before deciding to focus fully on front end development.

Lead QA Engineer

Nahuel Nucera

Nahuel has been working across industries including telecomms, banking, and education in Argentina and the US prior to AID:Tech. A member of HASTQB and leveraging his experience across methodologies, frameworks, Nahuel’s focus now is on quality assurance across all of AID:Tech’s offerings.

Blockchain Developer

Chirag Bairagi

Chirag is a blockchain enthusiast. He has worked across all major blockchain platforms including Hyperledger, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. He is currently focusing on applying the technology for real-word, impactful applications in the enterprise space.


Ciaran Curran

Ciaran is currently a Computer Science student specialising in Data Science with a keen interest in the socially responsible use of technology. A former Auditor of University College Dublin’s Computer Science & Internet society, he brings his passion and enthusiasm for learning to the growing AID:Tech team.


Dr. Nawfal F Fadhel

Nawfal specialises in threat analysis of cyber-physical systems, supply chain and blockchain. He also mentors students on entrepreneurship and was a founding member of the entrepreneurs club in electronic and computer science at the University of Southampton.