We believe the most important commodity in the next 10 years will be your data. And you should decide how it works for you. 

With a self-sovereign, interoperable digital identity, the AID:Tech Decentralised Digital Identity (DID) can be used across multiple environments, including those built around both private and public blockchains, interchangeably.

DID provides a standard for users to enjoy permanent, globally unique, cryptographically verifiable identifiers – entirely under their control. No one can take it away from whoever owns or controls the associated private key. DID is a sea change in digital identity. 

Our products

AID:Tech’s products offer multifaceted benefits to organisations and end-users. With digital ID at the core, it acts as a reliable, flexible and secure gateway for add-on services. It is a way to securely make digital disbursements, to generate and manage transactional data, and most importantly, a personal tool that is much more than a verifiable identity.

Service delivery and digital disbursements for governments and corporates to users at scale.

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Bringing transparency to donations for NGOs, charities and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

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Our solutions are used by the biggest organisations engineering for a better world

Sigurno i lako As trgovina En - Blockchain Remittances in Nis, Serbia

In partnership with UNDP Serbia, AID:Tech launched a pioneering blockchain remittance solution for the city of Nis.